Color Oasis – Color by Number

Color Oasis – Color by Number

v0.9.5 by Tap Color Studio

A relaxing coloring book that brings inner peace for all ages.


Indulge in a calming coloring experience that takes you on a journey of tranquility. Release your worries, relieve stress, and fully immerse yourself in the peaceful world of coloring.

Infuse life into these realistic paintings and rediscover the long-lost peace and beauty within your heart. As colors fill the canvas, tranquility and immersion wash over you.

Immerse yourself in an oasis of calmness and relaxation:
– Explore immersive paintings that promote focus and breathe life into your creations.
– Relieve anxiety with soothing background music, embrace the flow experience during the coloring process, and enjoy a sense of calm, vitality, and happiness as the paintings come alive.

A large selection of high-quality paintings:
– Crafted by talented artists, our detailed and clear paintings ensure quality.
– Choose from a wide array of paintings to find the perfect one that suits your unique style, including breathtaking natural landscapes, charming country cabins, diverse animal species, healing pet companions, and more.
– Mandalas and Patterns offer a path to inner peace and harmony, satisfying your artistic appetite while keeping you focused and spiritually fulfilled.

Additional features:
– Thoughtful design: For mature adults and seniors, with larger numbers and buttons, providing a simple and easy way for people of all ages to enjoy.
– Quote of the Day: Start each day inspired, empowered, and renewed.

Take a break and discover inner peace, vitality, love, and happiness. It’s time to embark on a relaxing journey. Please feel free to contact us at for any questions or assistance.

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Color Oasis – Color by Number
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June 20, 2024