ClipClaps App: Watch Short Video and Earn Money

Faris Abdulkadir, Wednesday, November 1, 2023

ClipClaps is a mobile app-based short video platform founded by Yonatan Snir in 2019. It offers users a wide range of content, enabling them to both consume and create videos. Although ClipClaps is primarily a mobile app and doesn’t have a web version, it allows users to watch short videos spanning topics like science, animals, and entertainment.

Additionally, users can interact with content creators, leave comments, and share videos on various social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. One notable feature is the ability to earn reward points for watching or producing videos on ClipClaps, and these points can be later exchanged for cash or gifts. The platform is appreciated for its user-friendly nterface and engaging content.

Ways to earn money in ClipClaps

Option 1 – Watch Videos:
ClipClaps’ primary method for earning is by watching entertaining videos. The more videos you watch, the closer you get to unlocking treasure chests. These treasure chests accumulate over time, typically every 4 minutes of video-watching, although patience is needed. However, there’s a daily cap of 1 hour’s worth of video-watching.

Option 2 – Vote for Videos:
After being an active member for at least a day, you can vote on newly updated videos to influence which ones appear in the main feed. This activity rewards you with treasure chests, although the rewards are somewhat lower compared to regular video-watching.

Option 3 – Play Games:
You can play games available within the ClipClaps app to earn rewards. Most games require spending coins, adding an element of risk, but they can be quite enjoyable.

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Option 4 – Upload Videos:
Submitting your own videos for review is another way to earn on ClipClaps. If your video is featured, you earn coins for every view it receives. Creative and engaging videos that adhere to positive and fun content guidelines have a better chance of being featured.

Option 5 – Spin the Wheel:
ClipClaps offers two types of spin-the-wheel games. The Mega Spin the wheel is a weekly game with a chance to win between $0.01 and $5, along with other prizes. The Lucky Spin, on the other hand, provides one free spin every 5 hours with a maximum win of $1. It’s more of a bonus feature for members.

Option 6 – Referral Program + Joining Bonus:
Inviting others to join ClipClaps can earn you and your referrals rewards. You receive three diamond chests for each referral: one upon sign-up, another if they log in within 24 hours of registration, and the third when they log in on the second week after signing up.

In summary, ClipClaps provides various ways to earn rewards, including watching videos, voting, playing games, uploading videos, spinning the wheel, and referring others to the platform. Each method has its own rewards and rules to follow for optimal earnings.

Step To start

Step 1: Launch ClipClaps!

Step 2: Enjoy the top-notch videos and collect those rewarding coins!

Step 3: Share your favorite content and rise to MEGASTAR status!

Step 4: Have a blast and relish the good times!

Step 5: Keep repeating steps 2 to 4……

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User Feedback

One user who awarded ClipClaps a 5-star rating appreciated the app’s recent updates, particularly the introduction of new filters and effects like “illusion” and “70s.” These features seem to have struck a chord with users seeking creative options. However, this reviewer wasn’t entirely satisfied; they raised concerns about the new watermark placement on videos. The user found it too prominent and disruptive, suggesting that a smaller watermark or a return to the old placement would improve the experience.

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Another user who gave the app a 3-star rating shared their experiences, which offer a mixed perspective. They mentioned successfully processing two payouts in the past, but they encountered delays when attempting a $15 payout. The reviewer also pointed out issues with the support page, describing it as “broken.” Furthermore, they observed a decrease in coin rewards and an increase in ads compared to two years ago. These changes contributed to the app’s diminished appeal for this user.

In contrast to the 3-star review, a user who awarded the app only one star found it suitable for earning pocket change. However, they identified a significant drawback – a high minimum withdrawal threshold. Additionally, the reviewer encountered bugs and issues after prolonged app usage. Perhaps the most frustrating aspect was the lack of response from the support team, leaving the user feeling unsupported and unassisted.

Real or Scam

ClipClaps is a real app that allows users to watch videos, play games, and earn rewards. It has been available on app stores and used by many individuals. However, there have been mixed reviews and feedback about the app. Some users have reported success in earning and receiving payouts, while others have expressed concerns about payout delays, changes in terms, and support issues.

It’s important to note that while ClipClaps is a legitimate app, it may not provide significant or reliable income. Users should approach it with realistic expectations and be cautious about investing too much time and effort in the hopes of making substantial money. It’s always a good practice to research and read user reviews before using any app to ensure it aligns with your goals and expectations.

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How much money can you make?

Ernings from ClipClaps should be understood in the context that it won’t replace a full-time job or provide substantial income. To put it into perspective, you’ll need a significant amount of ClapCoins just to reach a $1 payout, which equals 100,000 ClapCoins.

This means that accumulating a meaningful sum requires watching a substantial number of videos, as standard treasure chests typically contain around 100 to 500 ClapCoins. So, if you solely rely on video-watching for earnings, it will take time. However, having your videos featured can lead to quicker earnings, but patience remains a key factor.

Maximizing your earnings involves taking advantage of spin-the-wheel options and bonus opportunities provided by the app.

In the experience of the reviewer, it took five months of consistent use, even with referrals, to approach the $10 payout threshold. However, the reviewer encountered a temporary change in the threshold, which made it harder to reach the goal. This variation in the payout conditions is something to be aware of.

Watch the Video

In summary, ClipClaps is unlikely to provide substantial earnings, and users should manage their expectations accordingly. It can be an enjoyable app for those who simply enjoy watching funny videos, but it may not be a reliable source of extra income. It’s recommended to watch the reviewer’s video for a detailed understanding of the app’s potential earnings before investing significant time and effort.


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